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  • 04 July 2019

Boost your business performance with bootstrap website templates

Are you an architect looking for a theme for your website? Well, you have reached the destination!

The ultimate happiness for an architect lies in the uniqueness with which the designs are displayed and to what extent the designs attract the clients to his website!

architecture template

A bootstrap website template for architectural business endeavors will serve your purpose of marketing and selling your architectural designs. It is a responsive website template that involves a user interface, well acquainted with what you deliver? And what the client desires with it?  Though it has a unique and interactive design, it also has ample of sections that are descriptive enough to display the interior and exterior building designs uniquely.

It also represents the various fields that you work on including bathroom designs and garden designs as well.

 A unique and interactive page is what businessmen want these days.  Giving it a real and lively touch is the real dare for the developers. On the web, you may find various sites that provide the same at variable costs. The real challenge for you lays in the search for the latest bootstrap website from the best designers of the field. All you need is an check the designs made by the company in past and judge who is the best.

architectural layout templates

The bootstrap designs are so easy that they are capable of undergoing modifications in accordance with the user’s wants. Bootstrap has a motive to make the website functional enough to meet the requirements of your business plan.

These templates come with different styles, a uniform grid structure and reusable features.

The features of the bootstrap website templates are:

  • Responsive with a structure of 12-column uniform grid
  • Modular jQuery plug-ins and reusable components
  • Built with LESS and SASS
  • GPU based animations and page transitions that make the template interactive enough
  • Mobile-first CSS styles for forms, navigation and buttons
  • Simple and easily understandable design
  • Dedicated product page for every type of project that you do.

Browser compatibility – Latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, Internet explorer (8, 9, 10, and 11) and opera are compatible with the theme.

Files included- HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files

Section-wise business representation

You can divide your designs into various subsections such as, interior design, exterior design, residential building designs, commercial building design, restaurant design and industrial design. It has a collage section to arrange any of the latest projects that you have accomplished.

The sections also contain a dedicated place for the statistics of the company’s business. The latest bootstrap template also contains a tab for testimonials and a different page for blogs and contact information.

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