What is the Bootstrap platform? 
Bootstrap is an open source toolbox for development with HTML, CSS and Java Script. This platform allows you to quickly prototype your ideas and builds your own website with our variables, a reactive grid system, complete prebuilt components and powerful plugins. It comes with a list of styles, reusable features and a uniform grid structure that allows you to start your project on the fly.
Start Bootstrap is an open source project. All templates on Start Bootstrap are licensed under the MIT License. The Start Bootstrap website is licensed CC BY 3.0.

What to do if I decide to use Bootstrap to make my website?
If you want to create your website, we are here for this. You just have to purchase the theme you want and we will provide you what you wish. For any further questions you can send us an email to

How to access themes and templates?
Themes and templates are directly available on our web page and you can download them by pressing the download button on each of the template. On each theme or template you can also find the source files.

Can I have a custom bootstrap theme for me?
We are here to help you with your project, and can help you customize a theme, with more features and also hire a developer for your website.

How do I hire a developer?
If you would like to hire a developer for your website, we can help you find one; you can email us at  and explain the details of your upcoming project!

What if I encounter a bug?
For any assistance or questions, you can send us an email to . If you encounter a bug with a theme or template, please feel free to open a problem with us.

Can I use Bootstrap if I am new to this field?
With our help, Bootstrap is very well suited for beginners, intermediates and more experienced people because the platform is designed for faster and easier web development. All models are constructed so that the understanding of the Framework before using the model is clear and precise.

What if I want a wider choice of themes?
If you want a wider choice for your site, tell us what do you need and we will provide you your customize website.

What are the different themes available?
With us, you can create your site with these available themes: Business, Creative Web, Fitness Sportlife, Medical, Cafe & Restro, Online Tutor Hub, Informatic Solutions, Business Expert, Lucky Shoes, Winter Online Shop Anywhere, Best Holiday Tour, My Studio, and many more Coming Soon!!